Thursday, December 25, 2014

Boxcars at Kingston's CP Express

CP Express operated a terminal off Dalton Avenue near Division Street in Kingston, one of the last CP-served industries in Kingston. The CP Express terminal began operation at this location in mid-1967 until the CP line was abandoned in 1986. After that, CN operated on some of CP's former trackage via its interlocking and interchange at Queens. In the mid-1980's, I photographed some interesting boxcars that CP had spotted there. Likely carrying lumber, the cars were spotted at the timber unloading ramp. CP 202018 script combination-door boxcar, July 1983 (above). CP 80290 plug-door newsprint car (bringing newsprint for the Kingston Whig-Standard?) and Amador Central double-door AMC 2061 , both in June 1983:
MN&S All-Door boxcar MNS 2018, built 11-76, spotted in August 1982. End and side views:

Interestingly, MNS 2017 and MNS 2040 were spotted on CN's Team Track in 1985 and 1991, respectively. Four combination-door CP Rail cars were at the CP Express facility on January 14, 1986. CP 201389 built 7-59:
 CP 202139
 CP 201377

 CP 202201 and the other three:
Two undated photos purchased from Liz Reid seem to show CP 50-footers at CP Express:

Running extra...

Hoping you have a Merry Christmas and an inviting 2015. CN No 518 Engs 4116-4121 served the Cataraqui Spur on December 22, under the watchful eye of a bearded, ermine-trimmed trainmaster! Watch for an upcoming post on their southbound sojourn and their northbound noodling.

Notwithstanding ne'er-do-well North Korean hackers, I've decided to do something new - a movie review! For Sony Pictures' The Interview! The review, without further adieu, will be in the form of an interview:
Me: Do you plan on seeing The Interview, especially in light of the recent media frenzy?
Also Me: Probably not.

Speaking of much ado about nothing, here are two rather mundane, average VIA trains meeting at Kingston on December 23: VIA No 47 Eng 914 and VIA no 42 Eng 6428. Well, No 47 is carrying a working baggage car. But other than that, entirely unremarkable.
Consider making this the year to photograph the mundane, the workaday, the pedestrian, the commonplace; you know, the kind of stuff you normally wouldn't photograph. Years from now, you'll wish you had!


Zartok-35 said...

Merry Christmas Eric! Those are some fine looking boxcars.

Eric said...

Thanks, Elijah! Hope you are having a good Christmas, too! Boxcars of thirty years ago - like!