Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Company Photographer Returns Again

The company photographer has been out photographing railway employees doing their vital work. Featured in a previous post last April, it's once again time to sample the results. We've included some possible captions for these vintage photos to show the lighter side of railroading.


Chris Lyon said...

Really enjoyed the fun. Great sense of humour

Eric said...

Thanks, Chris! Some of those publicity shots appear a little campy nowadays, but they were one of the most valuable tools that CN and other railways had to remain in the public eye. As well as provided some lightheartedness for otherwise detail-oriented railfans and modellers decades later!

BArailsystem said...

Good post Eric, I was lol'ing. Absolutely love your header photo. What is the story behind that car?

Eric said...

Thanks, Ben. It's a missile launch car from the Peacekeeper Rail Garrison train, on display in Dayton, Ohio. Supposed to blend in with regular train movements to keep the Putin People (or was it Gorbachev Gang?) guessing as to where the nuclear assets were.

Disguised as a regular 'train car' it would fool even railfans. Until someone realized that to fire a nuclear missile from the right-of-way requires significant stabilization.

I really think I could make better use of it!