Friday, August 8, 2014

Trackside Treasure's Sixth Anniversary

Once again, Trackside Treasure traces its roots to an August day in 2008 when this cyberspace-based cornucpia of Canadian railway information came to life. Every year the occasion is marked with a retrospective of the year that has passed, a look forward, and of course a contest! Now closing in on 300 published posts, a blistering rate of one per week on average, the work continues to be fun! Has anything changed over these six years? Check out some varied linked sample posts from each of the past six years, photos from which punctuate this post:
There are several groups of Trackside Treasure participants I'd like to mention. The least of these is the Spammers. These clowns continue to haunt my comments section, posting links to their bizarre get-rich quick websites that have nothing to do with Canadian railroading. Their names are Sonny, Rick, Lee Woo or Betsy Lou, and their phony comments? I really like your style of writing. My brother told me about it. Read more at fashion scarves (link). Fine post and very informative. All about luxury jewellery (link) here. It's because of you that legitimate commenters have to endure word recognition! Beat it spammers - get a job!
I'm always happy to hear from fellow rail enthusiasts and railroaders with personal experiences from the various trains and locations that I profile from across Canada. Enthusiastic photographers from the US, Canada and abroad continue to share photos related to published posts. There is an amazing amount of material out there that lies undiscovered. I have only seen glimpses of what's out there and it's intriguing. Just wait till the phoenix emerges from the R3K postal code later this year.
I check in with blog partners in my sidebar every day, as I know many other readers do. Whether newly added blogger to the sidebar, or a long-time denizen, I enjoy your perspectives on 1:1 and smaller scale operations, and your creative ways to elevate the discussion.
Also in my sidebar, the Tracksidedication '1927' CPR culvert photo continues to signify the dedication of all 2014 posts to my Dad's memory and his influence in my becoming a rail enthusiast.
It's been great to make so many connections via* this blog, sharing knowledge, photos and experiences with others who share this pastime, like fellow VIA Rail author Christopher Greenlaw, a fellow viator*. Lots of *via references around here :)
I'll continue to forge ahead into some new territory, some familiar territory and lots of retro railfanning as Trackside Treasure's seventh year begins. We'll see what results from the test-tube babies and vials* of draft posts currently incubating. Hope to have you along for the ride, viatic* visitors! Stay tuned for more meaty posts - plein de viande*. That's like the Kingston Rail-O-Rama train show organizer who responded to a reporter's question..."Is there anything new in this year's show?" Answer: "No, not really." Well, at least he was honest. A question to readers - Is more of the same a viable* option?

Now to the annual anniversary contest:
The Rules: A series of 15 sentences follow. Each sentence contains the name of a Canadian train. It can be freight or passenger, a name train or something more generic. The name can be short (two letters) or longer (up to twelve letters) and can be found by listing the first (or last) letters of each word, then looking for the train name consecutively within that list of letters. There are some red herrings! Look carefully! Expect the unexpected!

How to win: This is not a strictly time-limited challenge. The winner will be a Trackside Treasure reader who successfully comes up with the highest number of the 15 names correctly. We'll give it one week after posting date - that should be plenty of time! Please submit them by their numbers, as an email to mile179kingstonATyahooDOTca. Of course, if you're the first to correctly guess all 15, you win the anniversary prize pack. 

Legal disclaimer: Not valid in Hawaii or the British Virgin Islands. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Valid on dine-in or take-out. May cause an unexpected rise in blood pressure. May cause the condition known as 'hotdog fingers'. May contain nuts, or a blogger who is nuts. APR financing OAC only. Don't you hate legal disclaimers? Now, on to the Pacific!

A Sample Sentence: To get you off and running:
Of Course Every Aardvark Naps (OCEAN)

1. Perhaps a northern Ontario regional association miles away would succeed.

2. Can't anyone notice a decline in award nominations?

3. A majestic stainless steel iconic luxurious kaleidoscope of mountain scenery awaits you.

4. At least one local association suggested extra recognition for trailer parks.

5. At one time every maritime province operated its own racetrack.

6. This is a relaxingly deep couch.

7. The relatively affluent iconoclasts never do enjoy VIA in little lanes except reducing congestion.

8. Definite acronyms: YOLO, LMAO, IMHO, NATO, EMO, ROFL - well, not the last one!

9. Ever random tempo run select river extreme aqua sail cruise over the ocean.

10. Randomly advancing manufacturing industrialism xenophobia eliminated democracy overnight.

11. When I feel the need to travel by rail generally others agree.

12. For real excitement bronc riding allows sportsmen definite opportunities rodeo related

13. Never a pop mini skirted bimbo, Twiggy.

14. Little sleep no meal a bar tab once a tour.

15. I found this year's Trackside Treasure anniversary contest to be literally rail-ly challenging!
You have a pass to our seventh year!
**August 11 update. From the contest entry emails received so far, no-one has guessed all 15! The door is still open to the Trackside Treasure Sixth Anniversary Prize Pack! Also, faithful Trackside Treasure reader Randy O'Brien sent in his own very creative version of the Year # Seven Canrailpass. Thanks, Randy! 


Robert in Port Townsend said...

Happy Birthday, TT. I appreciate the effort it takes to do a GOOD Blog!

Eric said...

Thanks for your good wishes, Robert. In turn, I appreciate having great blog partners who put a lot of thought and a lot of heart into their posts. Some of the stories you have shared are for the ages.

Great to have you aboard!

Michael said...

Congrats to you, sir. I stumbled across this blog three or so years ago and it quickly become an essential part of my weekly routine. Your work here really helped to get me started with blogging. Here's to many more posts!

Eric said...

Thank you, sir. I've enjoyed The Beachburg Sub throughout. None of us is born doing this - we pick it up along the way. I still feel as if I'm on a blogging journey, and enjoying every mile along the way! Great to have fellow travellers joining me!

Thanks very much for your comments, Michael.

BA railsystem said...

Keep those posts rolling Eric. We all love your blog. You've got me stumped with your riddles though, vintage passenger rail is not my forte.

Eric said...

Thanks for your kind comments, Ben! Always good to have you along, even if (temporarily) stumped by the Trackside Treasure Riddler! All will be revealed soon.

Rolling on into Year VII,