Friday, April 4, 2014

Propane Facility at Millhaven

Who said railways are in decline? Or that railways only tear up their trackage, not build anything new? Who says there are no new customers? Well, in Millhaven, just east of Ernestown station at Mi 188 Kingston Sub, an existing facility is newly-enlarged and now rail-served. Having made a couple of visits to the site over the past few months, I'd like to share some photos of this newly rail-served operation. Visible from Lennox & Addington County Road 4 which runs north from lakeside Millhaven to Highway 2, some views from the overpass are in order. VIA heads west, with the propane lead visible (above) as I trudge north along the county road, with the historically-designated Ernestown station to the west that I visited in 1985 at track level (below):
The connection to CN's Millhaven Spur looking east of County Road 4.The new track approaches from the right, joining the service track just east of the distant signals of the Ernestown interlocking and crossovers:
A closeup, taken at the limits of my camera's digital zoom, shows the newly-ballasted track making a bit of a jog before joining the service track at Millhaven; here errant graffiti taggers have left their marks:
The lead makes a model-railroady staked S-curve as it heads southwest from the service track, entering a gentle horseshoe curve toward the facility:
Now heading south, the spur temporarily parallels the county road. Compare the snowy March view to the June, 2013 roadbed-only verdant view below:
Another nine month-difference shows two views of the roadbed and drainage ditch, with heavy equipment at the propane facility site. Previously, propane was delivered here by transport truck. Take notice of the new greyish storage tanks now in place while you play Spot the Trackmobile!
A from-the-car update photo in August 2014 shows two propane tank cars spotted. The Trackmobile is just visible behind foliage at the far left end of the white storage tank:
A view from the end of the triple unloading tracks shows the lead arriving from the north, heading east to a tail track serving three tracks.A Cruickshank Construction trailer is nearby. Presumably, the Trackmobile shown will trundle cars along the spur, to and from the service track.
Try this on your model railroad - piles of gravel to stop errant cars from crashing through that new chain link fence!
The Trackmobile rests on the middle track while a hi-rail crane and trailer repose just west of the tail track.
I shall return, hopefully to find some cars spotted here!

2014 UPDATE - Summer - cars being spotted here in twos and threes. Facility now goes by name of Gibson Gas - company based in Calgary, AB.

2019 UPDATE: Now known as Midstream LPG, at least on CN documents.

2023 UPDATE: My son-in-law snapped this shot of the Trackmobile making its way up to the CN mainline with tanks: 

Running extra...

No fuel like an old fuel. An evening trip to Brockville tonight found us passing an eastbound CN VMSX oil train behind 2280, 5480 and another Oakway repaint 5466 (thanks, Malcolm!). The same day that my newspaper reported that hearings in Ottawa suggested 20 km/h through urban areas. Slick! Westbound, we passed a stopped CN No 377 in the same location with GLNX, UTLX and CTCX cruders on the tailend. 5729-5725 had shed their conductor, trudging back along the ballast in the pouring rain.

Surprisingly but thankfully, I've received no X2F-related spam messages after my most recent post on this shiny, black petroleum-based plastic invention.. Not even a couple. What a joint!

Nice series of rolling stock shots dating from the 1980's by Gary Todd, Ph D on flickr.

David Letterman, the Indiana grocery-baggin' weatherman is retiring. Bud Melman, The Guy Under The Seats, early morning show band leader Frank Owens, recurring bits with Teri Garr, Mandy Patinkin and Tony Randall...there are so many. "I'm not wearing pants!" As a fan, also from the 1980's, I wish Dave and Thunder Bay's own Paul Shaffer all the best!


Michael said...

Excellent post, Eric. It's always useful to point out the good with the bad. I know I sometimes tend to focus on the negative stories myself, but these posts are always a reminder to also search for the positive as well. Plus, any mention of the stately Ernestown station is always appreciated.

Eric said...

Thanks for your kind comments, Michael.

I believe we have to focus on the positive, so I'm somewhere between the 'eternal optimist' and the 'eternal optometrist. Somewhere in there.

This trackage is in addition to the new Coco paving on the east end of Millhaven, plus the new/relocated track at our Invista nylon plant (don't worry, upcoming post).

I'm continually amazed at how Ernestown station (especially post-spring) disappears into the undergrowth. Much more visible in winter...there, something optimistic about winter!!