Saturday, March 23, 2013

CP Hospital Train - Service Cars

CP's 1992 hospital train moved a variety of obsolete locomotives west from Montreal. While these locomotives, including CPR 5468 were the most-photographed part of the train, it was challenging to satisfy my interest in those obsolete Service cars - the majority of the train's consist.  John Sutherland followed the train on its way west from Montreal, and has kindly supplied photographs of the train's trek west.  Marshalled at CP's St Luc Yard in Montreal (above), three flangers converted from CP's miniboxes (original lettering showing through the later-applied script scheme) were in the train. Here is John's closeup of CP 400571:
Cook diner sleeper, former tourist sleeper CP 411674 and other cars bear the 'R' for Restricted Rail Service Equipment, 'W' for Written Up/Withdrawn for disposal and/or 'A' Authorized for disposal.
Flanger CP 400574:
The train marches west out of Montreal parallelling the CN while passing disinterested Holsteins at Ste Anne de Bellevue:
A stop was made to reduce the load on 5468's Number 4 driving axle. OK for now, but not for good. Before long, the misbehaving trailing truck axle bearing under the firebox would sideline 5468 at White River for the winter.
Former double-door auto-box CP 299912  equipped with end doors, is marshalled between box diner 412778 and flanger 400571:

Flanger CP 400574 trails cook diner CP 411706:
Flanger CP 400569 is flanked by box diner CP 412689 and box sleeper CP 412631:
This is not the head-end nor it is a Distributed Power Unit!  Damaged GP9 8245 trails van CP 434669 along the Winchester Sub west.

Running Extra...
Imagine my surprise when passing our local Invista (formerly DuPont) plant at the end of CN's Cataraqui Spur this week.  Gleaming in the late-afternoon drive-home gloaming were several new ACF Center-Flow covered hoppers.  Unlike most of Invista's adipic acid cars with their DUPX reporting marks changed to INVX, these cars received INVX reporting cars when built..... February 2013!  Some of the previously-used cars were provided by CN or DuPont, and dated from this trip to the spur in 1977.  Watch for an upcoming post on the various pools of cars that have visited our local plant, and their unique "3077" label.  Just last week I had a model manufacturer contact me for up-close views of this label for inclusion in an upcoming covered hopper model.
Bruce Harvey's Caboose Coffee blog is a new resident in Trackside Treasure's blog roll. Bruce relates a rollicking collection of raconteur's stories from railway locations across Canada.  Bruce also operates Caboose Coffee Hobbies, an online store. Next time you have a chance, sit down with a hot beverage and check out Bruce's nicely-illustrated stories!


Zartok-35 said...

Caboose coffee is an excellent addition! I enjoy it regularly.

Eric said...

Thanks for your comments, Elijah. I enjoy Caboose Coffee's alliterative blog title, sort of like Trackside Treasure! I suppose other alternatives could be Tailend Tea, Crummy Capuccino or Hack Hot Chocolate. Regardless, we all like a good story of the rails...or several!

Chris Lyon said...

Nice set of photos. love the colours and weathering

Eric said...

Thanks, Chris. My interests, if I were to list them, would likely look like this:
1. MOW cars
2. Freight cars
3. (Distant third) Locomotives

So when I saw John's Service car photos, I was pleased not only to share them but to see them myself!