Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy New Year 201(pick)3!

Following close on the heels of my Christmas-ellaneous 201st post, here's another miscellaneous 201st post.  What does the view down the track look like for 2013? Everyone engages in deep thought at the start of a new year...what will the year bring?  Achievements and disappointments, highs and lows, the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly.   I'd like you to join me in some crystal-balling.  What follows is a look inside the Trackside Treasure High-Level Strategic Planning Document 1.0, also known as a coil scribbler full o' Post-it notes: 
Each Post-it represents a potential post, upon which I write various references, photos and other information I'll use to create that post.  (These Post-its don't include the additional subjects from the Posts in Production on Trackside Treasure's sidebar, which are also fair game for purposes of this exercise.) Here's page 1:
A lot of these ideas just get 'stuck in my craw' or perhaps are railway-related bubblegum that stick to my shoe sole, as I stroll along the virtual sidewalk of online or published railway subjects.  Here's page 2:
Trackside Treasure exists as a synergistic relationship between what interests me and what others might want to read.  See any personal favourites here?  If so, what's your pick 3...if you could enjoy three of these potential posts on your next visits to Trackside Treasure, which ones would they be?  Send me a comment or an email - I'll tabulate the submissions, and then get to work.  For that matter, send me your ideas for other potential posts, too.  These can become future Post-it's.  As always, thanks for your input, suggestions and continuing interest in this cornucopic corner of cyberspace.
(Top photo - engineer's view from VIA 6507 on No 1 at Portage la Prairie, Manitoba on June 11, 1982.)

Running:  Extra...
Resolving: I resolve to do my own version of Psy's sensational Youtube video.  I'll call it Gagnon-Style!
Refreshing: Leftover Christmas turkey, baked goods and fruitcake (heck, the latter will last until June!)
Reflecting: I have a room full of mirrors, and sometimes I go there just to reflect.
Rewarding: I had the opportunity to meet fellow VIA author Chris Greenlaw.  We had a great time talking trains, VIA and Canadiana.  Watch for an upcoming blog post.  Thanks to everyone for allowing me to reach a 2012 milestone.
Returning: New Year's greetings to Trackside Treasure community members.  Have a good one, and all the best for 2013!


Zartok-35 said...

So many excellent subjects! I'll have to do some serious thinking here.

Eric said...

Thanks for your early response, Elijah. I appreciate the sober second thought you're giving your potential list. Heck, even a Pick 10 would be OK if that's what you'd prefer. All submissions will be considered.

Your input helps inactivate my indecisiveness and inactivity on these Post-its.

Happy New Year,

Lord Darth McIan said...

Hey Eric,
Here's my Pick 4 from your teaser list:

CP 6569 at Portage
Cars at CP Express
Campbell Soup Portage
CP Boarding Cars

Cheers & Happy New Year


Eric said...

Thanks for your Pick 4, Ian. Noticeably a strong western/CP focus there! These Post-its have languished for some time in the scribbler, and they are desperately asking to be set free. Your votes will help accomplish this!

Much appreciated,

Canadian Train Geek said...

Please consider...
CP Detours on Kingston
1992 CP Hospital Train
CN White Fleet
Other Portage Elevators!

Eric said...

Great choices, Steve. The CP detours on CN here are easy because there haven't been very many. But that 1992 CP hospital train? Best. Train. Ever.

Thanks for your picks and Happy New Year,

Chris Lyon said...

I like the second post its. Happy New Year Eric

Eric said...

Thanks for your input, Chris. Good to hear from lots of Trackside Treasure's readers and blog partners. Happy New Year,

Jason said...

My picks:

Black widows
Other Portage-area elevators
Soo Line

Happy new Year Eric!

Zartok-35 said...

Alright, I've narrowed it down! My top 3 here would have to be:
CN Wainwright Subdivision
Horseshoe curve in 1989

I'd also like to express interest in Campbells Soup at Portage, the CP Tyvan sub, and that Fibre-optic plow train, because it sounds really cool.

Happy newyear, Mr, Gagnon!

Anonymous said...

Here are my top picks:

1. more VIA F40 content from 1987-1994

2. passenger action on CP Carberry sub east of Portage

3. any passenger detours in Manitoba

4. Keewatin sub action

5. 1990 VIA cuts

Eric said...

Thanks Jason, Elijah (glad you were able to narrow it down!) and Manny.

Indeed, the fibre optic plow train is cool. Imagine my luck finding this train at the Outer Station here in Kingston, with a complete map on the side of the fibreoptic project in northern BC on CN!

Happy New Year, and thanks for giving me a kick-start in the right direction for 2013!


BArailsystem said...

I may be out in left field, the titles I am most curious about are:

CN Wainwright sub
6060 Redux
Car tracing accounts

Look forward to reading Trackside Treasure in 2013!


Eric said...

There is no left field here on Trackside Treasure, Ben!

To satisfy your curiosity, the Wainwright Sub will be photos from the dome of each town's elevator tracks. 6060 Redux will be more photos from the 1979 excursion posted already. Car tracing accounts are whereabouts of some special cars from about ten years ago, before CN and other railways pulled public access due to 9-11 concerns.

Thanks for your comments, and I share your blog enthusiasm for 2013. Keep up the good work on the BARailsystem - I'm looking forward to seeing those power tracks full!