Saturday, June 9, 2012

Viva VIA Sale

All aboard for a carload of varied VIA Rail items for sale!  Timetables, paper items, VIA souvenirs and books and more! The first email received indicating interest in each item at mile179kingstonATyahooDOTca makes the item yours.  Please refer to each item by name and lot number.  Each item will be shipped well-protected via Canada Post upon receipt of payment.  Shipping cost will be actual postage; payment of total by cheque or money order please.  

**SOLD** after an item means it's no longer available.

Before checking out the items for sale, click here to see the latest on my upcoming VIA book project, now including contents.
VIA System Public Timetables Lot 1 (below), issue dates:
-Apr 77, Jun 79**SOLD**, Apr 80 (2 copies**BOTH SOLD**), Sep 80 (2 copies**BOTH SOLD**), Jun 81**SOLD**, Apr 81**SOLD**, Nov 81, Jun 82, Oct 82 (2), May 83 $5 each.
VIA System Public Timetables Lot 2 (below), issue dates:
-Oct 83 (2 copies)**1 COPY SOLD**, Jun 84, Oct 84, Jun 85 (2 **1 SOLD**), Oct 85 (2)**1 COPY SOLD**, Jun 86, Oct 86, Jun 87**SOLD**, Nov 87**SOLD**, Oct 88**SOLD** $5 each.
VIA System Public Timetables Lot 3 (below), issue dates:
-Jan 90 (3 copies**1 SOLD**), May 90, Dec 90**SOLD**, May 91, Jan 92**SOLD**, Apr 92, Oct 92, Apr 93 (3), Nov 93 (3**1 SOLD**), Apr 94**SOLD** $3 each except massive cuts issue of Jan 90 $5.
VIA System Public Timetables Lot 4 (below), issue dates:
Oct 94, Apr 95 (2 copies), Oct 95 (3), Apr 96 (2 **1 SOLD**), May 97 (2), Oct 2000, Oct 2001**SOLD** $3 each.
VIA Souvenirs Lot 5, (below):
-VIA car door handle $5
-cardboard LRC locomotive and coach $5 for the pair **SOLD**
-VIA soap $3 each
-VIA matchbooks $1 each
-Book Rails and Rooms by Dave Preston $5
-Book Scenic Rail Guide to Western Canada, Revised Edition $5**SOLD**
-VIA lighter and original box $6**SOLD**
VIA Paper Items Lot 6 (below), $2 each**ENTIRE LOT SOLD**
-Mini-guide On Board
-1984 flyer on VIA's new Panorama
-Via VIA 1988 guide to VIA trains and on-board accommodations
-Canada by Train guide to routes, accommodations, VIA staff (2 copies)
-1982 Canadian Trip Guide with Schedule**ENTIRE LOT SOLD**
Lot 7 (below):
-Haliburton by Rail by Taylor Wilkins, published 1992, 133 pages richly illustrated with photos and maps, softcover, rare $24
-Expo86 grey ceramic tile 150th anniversary of passenger rail, showing CP Hudson 2823, produced by Les Poteries Rene Gagnon $5
Lot 8 - Colourful, original oil painting showing Alberta grain elevators, canvas mounted on masonite $10
Lot 9
-Canadian station prints, clockwise from top left (below), Rainbow BC, Charny QC, Kipling SK, Meaford ON, Orangedale NS, Eckville, AB, as is perfect for framing, by Richard Brown $15 for set of six:

Check out What's Inside my upcoming VIA book! 
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Thanks for looking through my selection of items and...happy shopping!

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Anonymous said...

well eric, again from wpg. had jason come over and run the rapido via turbo. this is way cool, jason took pix of the t-train and will post on his site. again your blog is a great read. again with the i spy--jun 1 at diamond mb with 6411-6446 with 19 cars and assiniboine pk at the markers, and today jun 25 with no 1 with a consist of 6457-6452 and 19 cars with banff pk at the drumhead. nothing of news here but i do want to say this. on sun at 1500 hrs, a photographer at mile 16 on the carberry sub of cp had is ford escape parked on the right of way and was seen crouched trackside waiting of a westbound cp grain train to pass, i had to douldle check for his safety and i called the cp police to alert. the dispatcher told me to hold all the while allerting the train crew of the possible trackside person. with the horn blowing and the engine crew pointing to the photog and and brakes being app, and fan? left...g-o-a before the ploice showed up. police then took a statement and desc..what a fool, one will ruin it all for the entire hobby.have FIVE disks to send soon.schuff.