Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Cleaning Sale

Spring cleaning means a clean sweep of my collection for the following twenty-four items.  Perhaps you'll find some springtime reading in the following books, plus some original art and other unique items to cover your train room walls. Posters are shown with ruler to give you an idea of size, condition of each item excellent except as otherwise noted.

The first email received indicating interest in each item at mile179kingstonATyahooDOTca makes the item yours.  Please refer to each item by name and item number.  Each item will be shipped well-protected via Canada Post upon receipt of payment.  Shipping cost will be actual postage; payment of total by cheque or money order at your convenience.

ITEMS SOLD SO FAR: 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24.
ITEMS STILL AVAILABLE: 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 22.

ITEM 1: Trains 100 Greatest Railroad Photos, glossy full colour, 2008, 114 pages, $4.
ITEM 2: Model Railroader Diesel Detailing Projects, 22 projects including CP GP38, illustrated, 1995, $6.
ITEM 3: Canadian Transportation Commission official report into May 1987 CSX runaway derailment on CP trackage in Chatham, Ontario, 38 pages in each language (bilingual), $12.
ITEM 4: Farewell 6218 published by CRHA 30 B&W photos, excursion list and dates, 6218 mechanical profile and history, 1971, 35 pages, $6.
ITEM 5: The Incredible Rogers Pass guide, Rogers pass station, slides and rotary plow photos, 1962, 56 pages, $5.
ITEM 6: Tracks of the Black Bear, Dale Wilson, Algoma Central history, photos, timetable, equipment, illustrated, 1974 Rare, $9.
ITEM 7: Stand Fast Craigellachie! building of the CPR, illustrated, 1970, $5.
ITEM 8: CN Capreol Northern Ontario District Qik-Ref, two-sided laminated quick reference jampacked with tracks, procedures, operational information $2.
ITEM 9: CNR Data Pack by George Dutka, original document reproductions, London Division, Royal visit, Goderich maps, more, 38 pages, 1996, $6.
ITEM 10: VIA System Timetable May 29, 1983, $3.
ITEM 11: LRC access door, $15.  Patina of road grime.
ITEM 12: VIA System Timetable, October 31, 1982, $3 or both timetables for $5.
ITEM 13: Scenic Rail Guide to Western Canada by Bill Coo, Revised 1985 Edition, routes and maps, 192 pages, $8.
ITEM 14: Kalmbach Historical Guide to North American Railroads, history and statistics, illustrated, 376 pages, 1985, good condition $7.
ITEM 15: Rails and Rooms by Dave Preston, cross-Canada illustrated journey, 2001, 242 pages, $8.
ITEM 16: Full-colour 8x10 showing CP 4507 in script scheme, frame not included, $6.
ITEM 17: Original artwork by yours truly, B&W mosaic, paper on 9-section heavy pressed cardboard three-dimensional approx. 12x12, $15.
(ITEMS 18, 19, 20 covers shown in top photo, open below)
ITEM 18: Special Agent full-colour railway comic book, 1959 rare, $12.
ITEM 19: The Wheel of Progress full-colour railway comic book, 15 pages, 1957 rare, $10. 
ITEM 20: EMD Product Line spiral-bound catalogue, specifications and photos of each model including SW1001-MP15-Geeps-SDs, 3 colour printing, 1976, $25. 
ITEM 21: SD40-2 control stand poster (above), $10.
ITEM 22: Trains magazine GM cab unit poster, $10:
ITEM 23: NW brochures, steam locomotives, diesel roster, corporate profile, passenger timetable, TOFC timetable and map, 1970's, $7 for the lot.
ITEM 24: New York Central lot: Waybills, newsletter, station car checker reports, LCL documents, 1950's-1960's, $8 for the lot.

Running extra...

For a view of the VALE Brazil-bound locomotives ready for ship-loading in Halifax harbour, check out fellow blogger Mac Mackay's site, Shipfax.  Mac features a nice mix of shipping, from Coast Guard and naval vessels to commercial vessels, container ships and tall ships.  Nice work, Mac!

They're comin' home...formerly leased by CN, LMS C40-8W's 728-739, now IC 2455-2466 have just been purchased by CN, and will likely be prowling CN rails soon, as they arrive to shed their blue scheme and receive CN paint.

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