Friday, January 20, 2012

Postscript: GO Transit

I've come across a smattering of selected GO consists to complement my previous GO Transit post.  While on the way to the CN Tower in September 1986, this GO train with cab car 206 (above) and F40PH 512 (below) passed us, west of Union Station.  Here are a couple of GO consists from June 7, 1986:



On November 25, 1992 the following GO consist was eastbound at Union Station:

1650 EB:

On January 20, 1999 handicapped-accessible GO bilevel 2311 wearing GO 30th anniversary and Bombardier logos passed the SkyWalk platform west of Union Station:
GO 2311 was on one of two GO trains in motion, while ONR's Northlander consist also passed by.  

GO consist:

ONR consist:
On April 14, 1993 I was at the south end of the SkyWalk from Union Station to the CN Tower, and recorded 16 GO movements in my 40 minutes waiting for my train to Kingston:

1608 EB:

1611 EB:
560-2054-2418-2024-2225-2230-2037-2124-2132-219/ WB at 1633.

1618 EB:

1620 WB:

1622 EB:

1622 EB:
556-2205-2114-2411-2151-2310-2404-2438-2308-2012-2410-2243-2213-521/WB at 1642.

1633 WB:

1634 EB:

1637 EB:

1639 EB:

1643 EB:

1646 EB:

1648 EB:

1648 EB:

With all these GO movements passing by in such a short space of time, I was at times hard-pressed to record the consists, but it was a great location to take in a very enjoyable burst of big-city commuter railroading at its best.

Running extra...

Check out the latest addition to Trackside Treasure's sidebar.  Train of the Week is an intriguing and interesting blog highlighting passenger rail world-wide, including several posts on GO Transit and VIA Rail. A great site for armchair travellers and inveterate train riders alike.

Here's a Train of the Week post I can identify with - One Morning in Kingston.  Shot without a tripod, the video seems more...realistic, pulse-pounding, and definitely comes under the heading of Kingston platform scenes.

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