Sunday, October 9, 2011

October Sale

Following Trackside Treasure's successful Summer Sale, here are some items you might consider adding to your railway collection: timetables, photos, a TTC book, postcards, operating manuals, plus other interesting and unique documents. The first email received indicating interest in each item at makes the item yours, shipped well-protected via Canada Post upon receipt of payment. Shipping cost will be actual postage, payment of total by cheque or money order. Please refer to item # when ordering. Thanks for looking!

ITEMS SOLD SO FAR: #3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.
Three 8x10 lots, $8 each lot:

Item #1: CN 1032 at Brada SK in 1981/ CN 1082 at Humboldt SK in 1980 (top);

Item #2: CN (NAR) 4610 at Armena AB in 1981/NAR 311 at Bon Accord AB in 1981 (above);

Item #3: CP 4555/CP 8486/ CP 3006 at Macklin SK in 1981 (below):
Item#4: VIA Standards and Limits for VIA Rail Rolling Stock Equipment: inspection requirements for RDC, diesel, LRC cars, steam and HEP, 73 pages in English and 73 pages in French, 1991 $6.
Item #5: Early VIA-CN Train Conductors' Memorandum Tariff showing Corridor ticket charges, 1976 $6.
Item #6: Four Vanishing Vistas oversize postcards- 2 CNR 1958: Maritime Express at St Bruno QC in 1958 and Continental Limited at Lachine QC, 2 CN 1962: 6763 at Montreal QC and 6759 at St Lambert QC. Lot of four $3.Item #7: CN Bilingual St Lawrence Region employees' time table 1988, $5.
Item #8: British Columbia Railway 1978 Employees' Timetable - 38 pages, 1978, $8

Item #9: Unique full-colour Rail Traffic Controller's Oakville Subdivision 2001 train sheet, showing all daily VIA and GO trains and equipment moves. Four-and-a-half pages loaded with information, $5.
Item #10: Sarnia-Port Huron Operating Manual: 71 pages of local operating procedures including four foldout car control trackage maps: St Clair Tunnel, St Clair River Spur, Tunnel Yard, and Sarnia Yard, 1990 $6.

Item #11: Fort Erie-Buffalo Operating Manual: 59 pages of local operating procedures including five foldout maps: NS Tifft yad, Frontier yard, Buffalo, Fort Erie Yard and track profile, 1990 $6.

Item #12: Fifty Years of Progressive Transit - A History of the Toronto Transit Commission by Bromley and May. Fully illustrated in black & white, 175 pages, some binding and wear issues, rare 1973, $15.

Item #13: CN Lines Volume 7, Number 1, includes Part 2 of the CN Lines freight fleet roster, Thousand Islands Railway article, 43 pages $4.

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