Saturday, February 20, 2010

Postscript: Kingston Derailment March 1980

Here is the first indication of the derailment - the delayed trains that will be held until at least one track is clear. The steam-heated Cavalier and a freight behind 2322-9537 are at the Queens West interlocking, the first crossovers east of the site, which is six miles to the west. Spending the better part of twelve hours at the derailment, at least 15 trains made their way past the site. Before-and-after. An initial view of the derailment at 1000, then a westbound VIA makes it way past the remaining nine cars, after the north track has been cleared and tailend cars have been pulled clear of the site:

The VIA passenger trains were the first ones allowed past (VIA markings unless shown as CN):

1138 WB: 6765-6634-CN 9647-CN Greenridge-5417-5203-5517-5648-3034-5727-Buckley Bay-CN Ellerslie-5423-5414-5432-CN 5383-CN 94
1150 WB: Railiners CN 6120-6001-6116
1246 EB: 6771-6867-3118-5411-5407-5468-2511-5599-CN 5283-CN 5402-CN 5412-Rideau Club-CN 5183-5421-2503-5594-5294-CN 9662.

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1416 WB: 6787-6871-6616-CN 9604-CN 5472-Great Slave Lake-5473-CN 5647-5508-5501-2504-5596-5452-5704-CN University Club (above)

Then the freights were allowed to roll in eastbound and westbound fleets:
1515 EB: 9636-9512-79684
1527 EB: 9417-5072-9416-79594 (above)
1603 WB: 2322-9537-79458
1615 WB: 9473-9629-9588-79636
1630 WB: 9446-4595-4013-79380

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Lots of trains rolling by after dark too:

2014 WB: 6768-6861-9639-2511-Rideau Club-3035-5651-9648
2133 WB: 4002-3122-3209-79560
2143 WB: 9460...79295
2208 EB: 9547-5583-9409-79475
2220 EB: 9501-9421-5500-79800
Luckily, CN 557617 stayed upright, supported by smashed trucks.


Zartok-35 said...

Lots of GP40Ls, once again.

Eric said...

Thought they'd never come to an end...3 on every train for quite awhile. Then it got interesting for awhile, then we lost the MLW's, so now it's two 5600's/2500's on every train and it's a little boring again. Jakob mentioned 9591 is now a switcher in Halifax, not exactly a road assignment.