Friday, January 8, 2021

Postscript: Kingston's Canadian Locomotive Co.

In the previous post, we examined the history of Kingston's own Canadian Locomotive Company. There's just too much good material from the latter years of CLC to squeeze in, hence this postscript. Scans of various print advertisements, brochures and magazine articles comprise the collective in this CLC cornucopia. One-of-a-kind Trainmaster H24-66 CN 3000 in CLC's storage yard in July, 1955 (top - CNR photo) presented to CN in August. CP also accepted a Trainmaster, CP 8900, built in Beloit, WI presented to the railway in a Kingston ceremony in July.
July-August, 1955 Canadian Pacific Spanner employee magazine article

Two pages of another Spanner article, this one from 1945 profiling the long history of locomotive production in Kingston for Canadian Pacific:

A hint of CLC's reluctance to change - producing export steam locomotives well into the mid-fifties diesel age, as shown in this September, 1955 issue of TRAINS magazine

CLC 1953 C-Line troubleshooting manual:
Responses to my Dad's letters to CLC, during an era in which companies would respond to requests for information on their products.

This August, 1955 photograph from a Whig-Standard CLC retrospective article shows steam lifting CN 3000 and two other diesel successors at the CLC plant:
CLC advertisement, 1952:
CLC Opposed Piston production from November, 1964 TRAINS magazine (above and below from Rolly Martin Country)

Running extra...

Thoughts on topics discussed at this week's Associated Railroaders of Kingston Zoom meeting:
I'm looking forward to another Zoom meeting with the Toronto Railway Supper Club in February. Go to The Big Smoke without even leaving your basement! It sounds as if meal/meeting clubs have really caught on: Kingston, Toronto, Ottawa. I'm actually glad TRSC's is a Zoom meeting because in-person meetings normally held in Toronto look a lot different:

I just read that every twelve years, a blog should change its title. Here is my short list for consideration:
  • Wait Watchers
  • Slack Action
  • Gesticulating Wildly
  • Crunchy Cheesies
  • More Pulp
  • Globe Mail
  • All Abored
  • Licorice Allsorts
  • Where the Wheeled Things Are


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