Friday, October 18, 2019

The Company Photographer Returns Yet Again, Once Again

Periodically, Trackside Treasure's company photographer sends some more captioned images from along the line. (Just type 'company photographer' in the search box at top left to see previous posts.) In this instalment, these are some random images from random railroads of random eras posted to the Railroad Images of Bygone Days Facebook group. Enjoy!

Running extra...

Wow, these ad agencies really put a lot of thought into producing material that railfans can generally disapprove of. Check out VIA's style guide for its 'love the way' branding. Extensive!

Expensive! Elections. Monday is federal election day. Nobody is happier and prouder to be able to vote than these guys.
Our system of elections has been inherited, transplanted, revered by the respectful, envied by the disenfranchised, died for by the brave, oft-maligned, seldom-praised, much-heralded, time-honoured, easily-disregarded, but closely-held to hearts to which true patriot love has been commanded. To be inspired, take a walk in these woods through which moccasin feet, wagon wheels, steel rails and sneakered trails have trod, then vote!
The K&P Trail north of Bur Brook Road, formerly CP's Kingston Subdivision.

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